MYOB EXO – GL Trial Balance Tree

Did you know that MYOB EXO has a Trial Balance Tree?

It is a quick and easy way to see the Trial Balance for any month for any branch and then to drill down into the account to see the transaction detail.

You can also choose whether you want to display the whole Trial Balance, just the Profit & Loss or Balance Sheet.

It is located on the menu as below:

MYOB EXO Business Menu

Exonet 6200 Menu

Drop-Down Menu

Set you options at the top of the screen and click “load”:

Click the +/- buttons to expand or collapse the tree:

Press F1 on your keyboard for further information on the Trial Balance Tree.

One other small piece of advice is that you won’t find in MYOB EXO’s F1 help is this: After changing any of the options on the top part of the screen, always click the “Load” button again to apply your changes.

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