Crimson Badger is a well-known craft brewery in Queenstown, New Zealand. They're passionate about making great beer and offer a wide variety of carefully crafted brews like Ginger Bear, Dark & Grizzly, and Mulled Wine.

The brewery was founded by Sam from Australia and Wes from Canada, who met while working at a Atlast bar in Queenstown. They bonded over their love for brewing and decided to start Crimson Badger together. From their humble start in 2017, now they are a stronge team of 5 working hard to deliver world class quality craft beers.

In their pursuit of excellence, Sam and Wes have not only crafted exceptional brews but have also cultivated a vibrant online presence through their website. Enthusiasts can explore and procure their favourite Crimson Badger beer along with an assortment of branded merchandise, ensuring that the spirit of the brewery transcends geographical boundaries.

Their Needs

As a new business, Wesley McAllister owner of Crimson Badger needed a local technology company to assist in elevating their operational requirements and support their budding operations.

How We Helped

Being a small business, Crimson Badger had only four laptops on hand, and managing emails was becoming overwhelming for Wesley.

He required assistance in ensuring that emails were directed to the respective business leads, allowing him to focus on business growth and ensuring seamless operations.

Wes remarked “My one email account would have every single order, hello, Wes it all goes to mine. It all went thru one account, and it made it difficult.”

Focus stepped in and helped set up the necessary email set up to ensure that emails reached the right people, enabling Wesley to work efficiently and helped their business to continually grow.

The Results

Wes remarked, “It was an easy transition for us.” He admitted to exploring options with a few different businesses, but Focus stood out with their positive attitude and responsiveness.

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