Founded in 1867 by Henry Harraway in Dunedin, New Zealand, the mill initially processed oats and later expanded to flour production. Over the years, the company faced challenges such as fires and changes in ownership, but it remains an iconic brand, producing nutty- flavoured oats for generations. Today, Harraways has been operating for 157 years and has now introduced different flavoured oats in their product line.

Their Needs

Harraways has been operating for a long time, and it was important for them to improve their security and their file management. Focus stepped in and assessed the needs of the company, providing recommendations that would increase their efficiencies and improve their overall security posture.

By implementing an effective security protocol and optimizing file management systems, Harraways can safeguard sensitive data, streamline operations, and mitigate potential risks effectively. With Focus’s tailored solutions, Harraways can confidently navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats while enhancing productivity and maintaining the trust of their customers and stakeholders.

How We Helped

Focus helped transition from traditional paper files into digital files that can be secured in the Cloud. Harraways has years of documentation stored on pallets in their warehouse. The Focus team provided the assistance the Harraways team needed to ensure that those files are kept and secured through the cloud. This eliminated pallets and stacks of files in their warehouse and provided efficiencies by making historical data easily accessible, even if it is several years old.

In addition to their data management, Focus also helped the company’s cyber security. The team at Focus looked at the current processes and identified weakness and vulnerabilities of their security. This was important for protecting Harraways’ sensitive information and preventing potential cyber threats. Focus implemented security measures, such as firewalls, encryption protocols, and regular security audits, to fortify Harraways’ defences against cyberattacks.

Additionally, the team provided tools to Harraways’ staff to enhance their awareness of cybersecurity best practices and mitigate the risk of human error. With Focus’s expertise and support, Harraways can confidently safeguard their data assets and maintain the trust of their customers and stakeholders in an increasingly digital world.

Overall, Focus’s comprehensive approach to data management, cybersecurity, and cloud solutions has significantly strengthened Harraways’ operational resilience and security posture. By seamlessly transitioning from paper to digital files stored in the Cloud and implementing robust security measures, Focus has empowered Harraways to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and safeguard sensitive information. This transformation not only eliminates the risks associated with physical document storage but also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

The Results

Henry Hawkins, Harraways CEO has only positive words for the Focus Team. “Focus brought a lot of added value to our business; we have a great relationship with the team at Focus. We’ve been able to strategise our wants and needs over the number of years that we’ve been with Focus”.

Donald Bennigton, Harraways Financial Controller said “We’ gone virtually paperless without out system now which has been great from a storage point of view and just messiness around the office, also because it’s electronically stored now we can look back a year or two which is much easier than it is going to a finding a pallet in our factory”.

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