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MYOB Advanced ERP systems has been developed especially for NZ organisations.  We chose MYOB Advanced as our ERP partner, as it is perfect for growing businesses like you.  We know you need real-time visibility of your business, integration across your systems and something that scales with you as you grow.

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What Is An ERP?

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), is a comprehensive business management solution that combines various functions and tools across an organisation. It encompasses areas such as finance, human resources, inventory control, order management, customer relationship management (CRM), and project accounting.


MYOB Advanced Business is an ERP system that operates in the cloud, bringing together essential business functions into a unified platform. By minimizing manual processes, it enhances efficiency and delivers real-time, accurate insights. Additionally, it is designed to adapt and expand alongside your business’s ongoing growth.

What is MYOB Advanced?

MYOB Advanced, is a comprehensive ERP business management system that integrates data from all aspects of your operation.


With MYOB Advanced, you can experience enhanced efficiency in your business through streamlined administration, improved inventory control, and real-time reporting. Achieving this is possible by automating routine processes and facilitating the seamless flow of data between various system modules.

ERP Benefits

Why Choose MYOB Advanced?


MYOB Advanced ERP systems offer numerous benefits tailored specifically for businesses in New Zealand, providing you with complete control and assurance.


Real-time visibility: Instant insights for confident decision-making with user-friendly dashboards and reporting.


Customizable reports and dashboards: Empower teams with personalised and accessible information.


Time-saving efficiencies: Automate and streamline processes, saving time and reducing errors.

Integrated system: Seamless collaboration with modules for accounting, inventory, CRM, and payroll.


Scalability: Flexible platform that grows alongside your business, adding modules and accommodating more users.


Cloud-based: Accessible anywhere, anytime, with no additional hardware costs.

Focus Are Experts

Focus are MYOB Advanced ERP System Specialists


MYOB Advanced has been created especially for businesses of 20+ employees, including manufacturing, construction, wholesale and distribution, professional services, retail, healthcare and not-for-profit.


Focus provides local, approachable, ERP expertise for organisations across all industry sectors and sizes.  We work with you across your ERP journey – from planning to implementation and ongoing use.


To ensure you get an ERP system that really delivers what you need, we take an approach that includes:

  1. Technology – implementing MYOB Advanced, along with the modules you need
  2. Policies – ensuring you have good frameworks and processes in place to give you the information you need, when and how you need it
  3. People – training and engaging your team to ensure they can use the system effectively and really get the benefit from it

MYOB Exo & MYOB Advanced Add-Ons

Do More With MYOB Advanced ERP Add-Ons

Does your business need a flexible time and job-management tool?

Do you process 200+ invoices a month manually?

TimeTrak and Fetch have been developed by Focus especially for organisations looking to increase productivity and reduce time on manual tasks.



A time and job-management tool that works from any location; developed for organisations in the service sector

  • Information and tools in one place, enabling you to streamline how your business works from the initial contact and quote through to final invoicing or ongoing support
  • Manage jobs, projects, scheduling, quotes, inventory, workplace safety, other team members

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An automated data entry tool for clients who are currently processing 200+ invoices per month manually

  • Up to 80% faster, free from keying errors and significantly cheaper

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