A second-generation, family-owned New Zealand company, Mora Wine is produced across 90 hectares in the Bannockburn and Pisa subregions of Central Otago. Mora's belief is that our land plays an integral part in producing the premium Central Otago wines that we bring to market each year. Similarly, just as Artisan views the ingredients as the key to delivering food that is their signature, Mora emphasises the significance of the terroir in creating wines of exceptional quality.

Their Needs

Mora Wine underwent a transformation when their main company was acquired. They had to adapt to new systems, with Focus playing a significant role. Catherine Douglas, Direct Sales Manager, stated that Focus was instrumental in setting up their new systems and ensuring that operations continued smoothly despite this significant change.

How We Helped

Focus played a crucial role in supporting Mora Wines’ team during the transition to their new office. They provided invaluable assistance in ensuring that all the necessary changes and systems were properly implemented and functional. This support was essential for the smooth operation of their business in the new location.

In addition to facilitating the transition, Focus also prioritised the security of Mora Wines’ files. They ensured that all files were safely secured, minimising the risk of data loss or unauthorised access. Furthermore, Focus assisted in security important files, optimising the organisation’s ability to track and manage their products efficiently.

Moreover, recognising the importance of safeguarding important documents, Focus helped Mora Wines migrate their essential records to the Cloud. This decision not only ensured the accessibility of crucial documents from anywhere but also provided an additional layer of security against physical loss or damage.

Overall, Focus’s support was instrumental in facilitating a seamless transition to the new office for Mora Wines, ensuring that their operations continued uninterrupted, and their data remained secure and accessible.

The Results

Catherine has only had great things to say about Focus. “Hats off to anyone that is in IT Support, because I think they really are heroes. Sometimes, you run into issues that you just can’t fix yourself and to have someone who can just come in and take care of it for you is invaluable. We really value them so much.”

Cat said “Focus have always helped me with anything that I’ve needed technology wise. I don’t think would be looking anywhere else for support, like updating our laptop, changing everything over for us onto different servers, or up into the cloud for different programs and things, sharing files, and everybody is happy with their support they give us.”

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