From 1909 to its closure in 1999, Seddon Memorial Hospital served Gore and surrounding areas, providing essential healthcare services. Despite challenges, the community rallied for accessible healthcare, resulting in the establishment of Gore Hospital in May 1999. Operated by Gore Health Ltd and supported by Gore & Districts Health Incorporated, the hospital is governed by local representatives. Base funding from the Southern District Health Board is complemented by additional contracts, with community donations further enhancing our services.

Their Needs

Gore has been dedicated to serving its community since 1999, providing essential healthcare services. As they strive for continuous improvement, they are seeking a reliable partner to enhance their operational processes. One key area for enhancement is the management of patient information, which has traditionally been tracked on paper. Gore is eager to transition to a more efficient system and requires a partner who understands the complexities of this transition and can provide seamless support, especially during system downtime.


Additionally, Gore is looking for a partner who can proactively address their technology needs, ensuring that their systems are up-to-date and secure. They recognize the importance of pre-emptive maintenance and support to minimize disruptions and maintain the continuity of their services. Updating their server infrastructure is a priority, and they seek a partner who can handle this task with expertise and efficiency.

How We Helped

Focus played a pivotal role in facilitating Gore Health’s transition from traditional paper-based files to secure digital records stored in the Cloud. Additionally, Focus introduced TimeTrak, significantly enhancing operational efficiency by streamlining the process of updating patient records. With TimeTrak in place, providing real-time updates on a patient’s condition became seamless and effortless as notes are updated in real time.


Furthermore, our team at Focus brought invaluable expertise to the table, addressing various technology challenges faced by Gore Health. From updating and maintaining their server infrastructure to seamlessly saving files to the Cloud, our team ensured that their technology ecosystem operated smoothly and securely. With our proactive approach, we not only resolved existing issues but also anticipated and mitigated potential disruptions, empowering Gore Health to focus on delivering exceptional patient care without technological hindrances.

The Results

Karl Metzler, Gore Health CEO has only great words for the Focus Team. “I would have no hesitation in recommending Focus. They’re great company to work with, they get what we’re all about, they get the importance, Their responsive, they know that we’re a healthcare provider 24/7 and providing life preserving care at time so when systems go down they get how important it is to get those systems back up and running, and I’ve could say that from experience after 15 years of having Focus respond get to what we need fixed in the background and get it done”.


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