Disaster Recovery for your Business

Cyber-attacks, natural disasters, technical malfunctions and uncontrollable human errors happen every single day. There’s no way to prevent these from happening, but you can implement a solution that enables you to backup data and set your disaster recovery plan in motion.
Modern day attacks are designed to lead to prolonged downtime unless the attacker’s demands are met. The longer business operations are down, the worse it becomes for your business as well as your clients.

Here are 7 reasons why you need disaster recovery for your business:

1. Downtime is expensive

There are huge costs associated with the recovery of lost data, and very few companies are able to meet these costs.

2. Machines easily breakdown

Hardware failure is inevitable and at some point, businesses must be prepared for this with proper backup.

3. Human error

Even the most cautious of people are likely to make a mistake, leading to accidental loss of important business information. In case that happens, a good plan of how to recover the lost data is necessary.

4. Natural disasters are inevitable

Chances of a flood, fire, hurricane or earthquake are ever present and there is a need to backup important business data in a disaster-proof environment.

5. Hackers find the smallest loopholes

You cannot ensure 100% security of business systems. Attackers hold data hostage until a hefty fee is paid but you can save your business the pain by implementing a disaster recovery plan.

6. Optimal savings

While this not might seem true to begin with, a good disaster recovery plan could minimise financial loss, aid in the organised recovery of files and pave the way for business continuity.

7. You are only as strong as your weakest link

A strong, profitable business venture could shut down due to weak passwords, connecting to unsecured channels or clicking suspicious links.
Today, a strong disaster recovery plan is an easy and affordable option. Moving your business to the cloud and paying for only what your business needs means the costs are low and ensure minimal downtime.

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