Let’s crack the top 5 cybersecurity myths, shall we?

Special Edition: Debunking 5 Cyber Security myths.

It can be unsettling to talk about cyber security, but threats to your business are real. False beliefs about cybersecurity can have detrimental effects causing misguided notions, unwise choices, and heightened vulnerabilities. In this special edition, we’ll try to dismantle these misconceptions and explore common cybersecurity myths and explain how to disprove them in your IT projects. Some helpful tips and solutions available with Focus Technology.

Myth 1: Small businesses do not get attacked. 

Many people wrongly think that cybersecurity is just a technical issue fixed by IT experts from big companies. In the contrary, since small businesses tend to invest less in cyber security, they are more open to an attack. Small businesses need to understand that cyber criminals do not discriminate when choosing who they attack; they will attack big or small businesses and we are responsible to protect our assets.

Myth 2: Cybersecurity is too expensive.

Many people wrongly think that cybersecurity is too expensive to establish and maintain, and many question if it’s worth the investment. However, cybersecurity is not just a cost – it’s actually beneficial. It can help prevent or reduce the impact of cyberattacks, which can be very expensive in terms of money, reputation, and how smoothly things run.

Myth 3: Cybersecurity has a one size fits all solution.

Sorry to break it to everyone but there’s no single solution that works for all cybersecurity issues, like a magic fix. Cybersecurity isn’t the same for everyone. It depends on the specific needs, weaknesses, and assets of each organisation, system, and data. It’s an ongoing process of checking, changing, and getting better. To show this idea is wrong, it’s important to adjust your cybersecurity plan to fit your own situation and keep it updated to match new risks and needs.

Myth 4: Cybersecurity becomes essential only when there is a real threat present.

Another common misunderstanding about cybersecurity is that it’s only about defending against cyberattacks that happen. Actually, cybersecurity is both about being proactive, by anticipating and stopping cyberattacks before they happen, and also about reacting and recovering from them. It’s not just about responding to attacks, but also about finding and reducing weaknesses and dangers that could lead to cyberattacks.

Myth 5: Installing Security software is enough protection.

Traditional Antivirus software works passively, responding to infections after they occur. This leaves room for harmful elements to exploit your business before they’re dealt with, possibly causing quick and significant harm before any action is taken to stop them.

As malicious software becomes smarter, more cybercriminals are creating clever programs. This makes antivirus technology less effective because it’s better at catching known threats and may not be as good at spotting new ones. However, new technologies like SentinelOne are outsmarting new threats as it offers an advanced endpoint protection platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques to detect and respond to a wide range of cyber threats.

Helpful Tips and Links


Train your team before an attack happens. 

Do you know what to do when a cyber-attack happens? Do you know how to spot a phishing email? Focus Cybersecurity Awareness Training simulates phishing scenarios to help organisations guard against risks caused by human errors and social engineering. It concentrates on the human aspect of cybersecurity, offering a range of tools and materials to teach employees how to better identify and handle possible cyber dangers. Call us today for a FREE DEMO of our Cyber Security Training at 0800 854 558.

Touchpoint Assessment: Cyber Security Check. Simplified.

Touchpoint Cybersecurity Assessment, the newest addition to Focus’ suite of cyber security solutions designed specifically for Small Business Clients. It is an entry-level assessment tool that meets the needs of small businesses that want a simple yet comprehensive overview of their IT security infrastructure. Call us today at 0800 854 558 for more information.

Have you experienced a cyber-attack in your business? 

Let’s help stop cybercrimes from happening. Report it to the National Cyber Security Centre. www.ncsc.govt.nz

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