Understanding your team’s technology needs

When it comes to upgrading the technology in your business, a more involved approach is the way to go. No longer is it the best option to simply get the newest version of what you had, we need to start thinking how the technology is used, and more importantly WHO is using it and the role they undertake in your business.

A lot can change in the lifetime of a piece of hardware, which is why it is important to understand how the needs of those who use the technology have also changed.

Take a look around your office: do you have a team member who has a laptop yet has never moved it from their desk? Do you have someone on your team who is out of the office a lot yet does not have the technology to facilitate their mobile work life?

Having the right piece of technology in place for the right person can ensure your team are working at peak levels, improving the efficiency of tasks, plus increasing employee satisfaction. If they are using a piece of hardware that they like, they are more likely to enjoy their day.

So, let’s start at the beginning: we need to understand HOW does each team member works.

  • Are they chained to their desk all day?
  • Do they come and go throughout the day, visiting customers?
  • Are they working remotely?
  • What kind of setup works best for them?
  • Do they prefer two or more screens? Or just one?

How you and your team answer these questions should dictate the kind of technology that you purchase for them to use. It may be that you have workers using a variety of options, i.e. some on laptops, some on desktops, some on a combination of tablets and laptops, or tablets and desktops. Or does your company now require a communal working or hot desk area where staff can work at any station?

By having an understanding of the technology that they need in their role, you will be able to provide the right kind of hardware that will enable them to do their jobs better, and in turn increase team productivity.Once you have the above questions answered, you don’t need to know exactly which technology would suit your team best, all you need to do is take that information to your IT provider. Your IT provider should be able to help you along with the information you have gathered to make good technology decisions for your team.So what can be learned from this? No matter how you have worked in the past, or may work in the future, you need to figure out how your team works, and what they need to grow in their position, become as flexible or as fixed as they want to work.

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