5 benefits of standardised email signatures

How many emails do you send a day? 10? 20? More? A lot of people do not realise that emails can in some cases be the first impression prospective clients get of your business.

How does yours look? Is it clean and professional or is it a mismatched nightmare? Does everyone in your company have their email signature set up the same? Or are they all varied.

A simple piece of software could be the answer your company is looking for. At Focus, the software we use allows us to create standardised email signatures for all of our staff, that are created and controlled by a single member of staff, and that meet the needs of a range of teams within our organisation. From a simple message to team promotions or Christmas messages across branches.

Straight from the horse’s mouth, the top 5 benefits we have found after implementing this at Focus are: Standardisation

No longer does everyone have a slightly (or very) different signature. When you have a number of branches (or even one in some cases) it can be very difficult to ensure that each team member’s signature looks identical. Whether it is an old logo, different coloured fonts, the wrong fonts, a completely different layout or the signature simply not being there; we wanted to have a standardised look across our company.

You control how it looks, not individual staff members.

While everyone may not be happy with the format, how it looks or that they are unable to make changes of their own; it is beneficial for the organisation to have one (or two) person(s) taking charge of the signatures.

This ensures the standardisation stated above, as well as if there is a message that needs to be included, perhaps you have moved locations or if it is Christmas time and a message needs to be added it is quite a simple process for one person – just a couple of clicks within the software, the change will replicate throughout the entire organisation, leaving you less stress over whether or not someone has updated it as you have asked, and definitely saves you more time because you are not having to chase anyone. You control who gets what email signature wherever they are located and whatever device they are using.

Email signatures are added at the server level via Exchange meaning no end user can modify their individual signature.

Simple template building platform

Within the template editor, you can choose to adapt an already created signature or create your own email signature from scratch. Auto-completed details from Active Directory (AD) – Pull data from each user’s AD profile so everyone gets the correct details in their email signature.

Different signatures for different departments – you can give sales an email signature highlighting a promotion or give customer service an out-of-hours number. The options are limitless.

Got something that you want to share?

From this brilliant piece of real estate on every email you send out, you are able to get your company message, your marketing message, and any kind of promotion or important information across a wide-reaching audience.

You are able to adapt signatures for different teams, each having their own promotion or message. Let your email signature do the talking for you. There are so many uses for email signatures and all made better and standardised through email signature software.

Let your emails do the marketing for you:

  • Promote important events, promotions and activities with your email signature – Use date-based rules to add and remove a promotional banner. You can even link the signature up to Google Analytics and capture data on a banner’s effectiveness.
  • Add social media links to your signature – Include a ‘Social Media Strip’ in your email signature with all the official social network icons. Have dynamic content in a signature such as a recent Tweet or the headline of a blog post to get loads of new fans for free.
  • Add QR (Quick Response) codes to all signatures – Use dynamic user data, decide on the colour and size, add custom URLs and embed images like your company logo – perfect for mobile centric users.

Comprehensive policy rules

These rules allow you to simply set up the signatures and walk away. Set up your signature to run all the time, pick a date range, or even select the hours of each days you want your message to run. Use rules for controlling which signature gets added to which email – Rules can trigger a variety of scenarios such as which department a sender is based in, the content of the email body or the subject line.

This is a very sophisticated piece of software disguised as a simple platform that with a quick show around, anyone can learn.

Want to know more?

Talk to our team for a demonstration of the product or just for a chat about how email signature software can help your business.

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