Did you know? Event Logs & Business Alerts

Event Log & Business Alerts Summary

Event Logs

Event Logs can either:

  • Silently log (log an audit entry but do not prompt the end user) or,
  • Actively log (log an audit entry and prompt a response from the end user).

The benefits of Event Logs are; user friendly to setup, extensive list of events and audit reporting available.

For more information of Event Logs click here.

Event Log / Reasons Classes

EXO currently supports the following Business Event Reason Classes:

Debtor Account flags:

  • Customer Stop Credit flag changed
  • Customer Active flag changed

Debtor Transaction flags:

  • Customer Price changed
  • Customer Trade Discount changed
  • Sales Order Deleted or Cancelled
  • Sales Order Short or Over Supplied
  • Sales Order Quotation Lost
  • Sales Order Set On Hold
  • Sales Order Cleared On Hold
  • Customer Credit Note
  • Customer Invoice Edited

Supplier Account flags:

  • Supplier Stop Credit
  • Supplier Active flag changed
  • Supplier Payment Details Changed

Supplier Transaction flags:

  • Supplier Discount changed
  • Supplier Cost changed
  • Supplier Credit Note

Inventory related:

  • Negative Stock Encountered
  • Stock Item Inactive
  • Manual Stock Sale entered
  • Manual Stock Receipt entered
  • Manual Stock Transfer entered
  • Manual Stock Adjust Out
  • Manual Stock Adjust In
  • Manual Stock Average Cost
  • Stock Take – Receipt
  • Stock Take – Adjust In (no cost)
  • Stock Take – Adjust Out
  • Stock Transfer Requests – Send
  • Stock Transfer Requests – Receive

General settings:

  • Record Lock
  • Ledger Lock
  • Post Ledger To GL change default
  • Post Ledger To GL change GL Period
  • Post Ledger to GL Edit Batch
  • Post Ledger to GL Fix Imbalance

POS related:

  • Manual Cash Drawer
  • POS Transactions Voided

Business Alerts

Business Alerts which were introduced in version 8.7.1, provide superior options for auditing. Business Alerts rules are triggered when certain transaction records are saved and conditions are met. The conditions are highly customisable.

Like the Events feature, Business Alerts can Silently log or Warn which prompts the user with a Yes, No message. They also have the added benefits of being able to Block the user from saving the record and an ability to silently send another user or customer an email.

Business Alerts are technical to setup and may require a consultant to create new or customise existing rules.

Example 1. A Business Alert can be setup to prevent a purchase order being saved if the creditor account number is 0.

The emailing feature can be useful to prompt other users to action certain duties.

Example 2. When a Sales Order is saved an email can be sent to the warehouse to begin supplying the order.

Example 3. When a Sales Order is saved the customer is automatically emailed.

For more information of Business Alerts click here.

Business Alerts Transaction record triggers currently available in 2015.4

  • Save Sales Order
  • Supply Sales Order
  • Save Purchase Order
  • Save Opportunity
  • Save Debtor Invoice
  • Save Creditor Invoice
  • Save Job Costing Quote
  • Save Job Costing Transaction

If you want to track something that you can’t see listed above, please get in touch with us. We will log feature requests with MYOB as appropriate. We may also be able to provide alternative mechanisms to achieve the result you are seeking.

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