MYOB EXO – Arranging Widgets in the Dashboard – Analytics

Within MYOB EXO there is a varied amount of information available to access and use. Often for management it is difficult to distinguish what would be most useful to the organisational processes and decisions.

In the new Analytics module Widgets can be used to display the information in a user friendly layout within a Dashboard.

Dashboards can be arranged to be personalised and show information relevant to the end user.

Please note SQL Server 2000 is not supported as a platform for EXO Business and later.

The Dashboard is what holds the Widgets.

The best definition of a widget in this instance is a device or control that is very useful for a particular job. The Widgets can be arranged to sit in tiles and within those tiles they can also be layered upon others and show within tabs.

Add existing Widgets to the generic list by selecting the + icon and ticking the Widgets that are to be added.

To move a Widget around, click on the header and drag it away from the original location. A cross image will then display. Place the widget in each highlighted point to dock it in that position.

The five sections of the docking control are used to place the widget being docked, e.g. to dock the widget being dragged to the right of the widget it is being dragged onto, move the mouse pointer over the right section and release the mouse button. Selecting the centre section of the docking control docks the widget onto a sub-tab of the target widget.

To save the layout click the save icon and name the layout.

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