MYOB EXO – Creating a New General Ledger Budget

Have you wanted to keep track of when sales have reached a goal amount or costs has reached a limit?

Using a budget to keep track of your key performance indicators gives you a great bench mark to measure against.

Within the GL Bugets table click “New Budget”

Enter a code for the new budget:

Select “Create Empty Budget” and click “OK”.

The following dialogue box will appear:

Click “Yes”.

You will now see a progress bar along the bottom of the window, as the budget records are generated:

When EXO has finished creating the new budget, you’ll see the following message:

OK the message.

The easiest way to then enter your budget figures is to then export the new budget to a spread sheet, enter the figures via excel, and reimport them again. This is covered in our tip of the week “Importing and Exporting GL Budgets” which you can find here.

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