MYOB EXO – General Ledger Report Parameters

Did you know you can alter the formatting of the General Ledger Reports so that the information in them is less cluttered, more relevant and in a template style you can use with ease?

By ticking the Suppress accounts with zero values the report will remove any accounts or sub accounts that have a zero balance.

The List Sub Accounts is an option for displaying the sub accounts and their details in full. Otherwise the report will be summarised by Account. For example, the Board may only be interested in seeing the report summarised by account, whereas the sales manager requires a more detailed breakdown of revenue.

Example of report with Listed Sub Accounts:

Example without sub accounts:

Use Clarity formatting template is useful when you wish to have your report displayed through clarity formatting. This can be helpful for presentations.

Deliver to Excel is great if you like to view your data in an excel spread sheet. This option is only available if the clarity formatting template option is checked.

Include periods in same financial year only checkbox is only available for reports which display month by month figures for a rolling 12 month period. Ticking this checkbox will limit the report to just the months in the current financial year.

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