MYOB EXO – Invoice Search

This handy tip features a shortcut for the searching of Debtor and Creditor Invoices from your Main EXO Menu.

From the Main Menu of MYOB EXO, press F7

(F7 is found in the function row of keys at the top of your keyboard)

(Alternatively you can access this from your Sales or Purchases navigation menus)

This screen features the ability to search on both Debtor and Creditor Invoices using a range of varied search options:

(N.B If the ‘Extended’ Box is not selected the search will include fields Invoice Number, Reference and Amount however if the ‘Extended’ Box is ticked, it will also include Name in the search)

To drill down to the transaction on the Debtor Account screen, right click on the selected invoice and select ‘Manage Transaction’

For more information press F1 from the Invoice Search Screen

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