MYOB EXO – More on ‘Grid Ordering and Exporting’

One of our previous articles explained how you can order and export grids from MYOB EXO. In that tip we focused on exporting a Debtors list from the Debtors search screen.

This article is a reminder that there are many more places then just the Debtor screen that allow you to do this. You can export from any Exo screen where the system will allow you to right click on the column header and choose copy to clipboard.

A few of these available grids are:

  1. Creditor Accounts, Creditor Transactions
  2. Stock Item, Stock Item Transactions
  3. General Ledger Accounts, General Ledger Transactions
  4. Sales Order search screen
  5. Invoice search screen

Grid ordering and exporting is an extremely useful way for you to access data; export it and produce a report within minutes rather than needing a report created by a specialist.

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