MYOB EXO – Post Ledgers to GL

Following on from a previous tip regarding reconciling monthly accounts, we focus on how to check that you have posted all transactions to the GL via the ‘Post Ledgers to GL’ feature.

Common mistakes when posting to GL include:

  • Posting for a particular period only and not checking for unposted transactions from prior periods
  • Extracting the GL Post Run batches but not posting them to GL
  • Not batching Debtor receipts into banking batches via debtor banking batches (If you have the “Post debtor payments to GL as batches” profile option ticked on)

How to check for un-posted transactions

  • From the ‘End of Month’ menu option in MYOB EXO, select ‘Post Ledgers to GL
  • Click on the “View Unposted Trx” drop-down submenu.
  • Select Debtor transactions.
  • Choose ‘Any period’ and untick ‘exclude payments’ and click ‘scan
  • Click on the period column header to sort by period.
  • You should only have current period (period 0) transactions in the list (or none if you’re posting right up to current period)
  • Check for unposted Creditor transactions follow the same process as for Debtors above.
  • Check for unposted Stock transactions (if you are using Perpetual stock).
  • Check for unposted GL Post Run batches (Even if the “Unposted Transactions” lists above are empty, you may have prepared the GL Post Run batches but not actually posted them to GL yet)

How to resolve un-posted transactions

  • Unposted Debtors receipts: Batch unposted receipts using Debtors Banking Batches screen.
  • Transactions in the “Unposted Transactions” list: Post ledgers to GL again using the “prior to current period” option, and post to “Source Ledger Period”.
  • Unposted GL Post Runs
  • Load the first post run in the list

o Check “Status” column on screen for reasons preventing batch from being posted to GL

 Period locked: Unlock the GL period(s) as required

 Batch imbalance: Right-click on the batch and Fix the imbalance

o Post to GL

o If you had more than one postrun in the list, repeat the above.

Then check the unposted transactions lists again.

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