MYOB EXO – Sales Analysis Designer

If you have renewed your MYOB EXO Licence since 1 April 2010, you can now access some additional features that previously had to be purchased separately! This article focuses on the Sales Analysis Designer.

The Sales Analysis has been designed to make the customization of your own sales analysis reports simpler and faster.

The combination of report types, common groupings and custom filters mean you don’t need any experience or specialist report writing expertise. Your sales team can define their requirements simply and quickly.

The Sales Analysis Matrix uses a combination of pre-set report formats, common groupings and custom filters to let you quickly and accurately analyse your sales. It is a perfect tool for investigative analysis and for picking sales trends as they may occur.

If you already have the licence codes on your system for this module you can simply view it from the Reports icon in EXO Business.

Following is an example of an easy to use report.

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