MYOB EXO – Stocktaking By Bin Locations

This enables you to initialise and filter StockTakes by Bin locations, particularly helpful for time poor users who can only perform part stock takes at a time.

Firstly you need to ensure your Bins (or shelves) are numbered or lettered in a logical fashion i.e. ‘0123’ or ‘A01B23’ could mean Aisle 01 Bay 23.

To set your Bin location, open Stock Item

Details 2 Tab

Set by Location

(Bin codes must be set via the ‘Set by Location’ Button)

Set your Bin Code as defined by your location

When the Bin locations have been set, you can initialise Stock Takes by Bin Locations by entering the required filters

With careful planning of your Bin coding methodology, you can Stock take just one bin or a whole aisle at a time. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on our Support Line should you require any further assistance via email or phone 0800 12 00 99.

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