Reasons to upgrade your MYOB EXO product

Have you been approached by your consultant for an upgrade recently?

‘We think you are due an upgrade’.

Quite often as a client you may hear this, roll your eyes and think, ‘oh great, another bill will come my way if I give this the go ahead.’ – But believe us, it’s in your interest to keep up to date with the latest developments in your system.

The reasons why a consultant will usually recommend an upgrade periodically are many and varied, and of course are tailored to reasons specific to your site.

Product Enhancements & Module Improvements

When you are first implemented you are given the top line solution that suits your business needs. With the evolution of MYOB EXO, this can quickly change as new features are introduced and modules refined. Sometimes these features may not be directly applicable to your business, i.e. a release may focus largely on job costing improvements, hence we are unlikely to recommend an upgrade if you are not using that module. The indirect values however can still be quite useful, processing speeds can often be improved, interfaces changed and licencing changes giving you access to areas not previously available.

Hardware requirements

Another great reason to upgrade is usually brought about by the other factors feeding into the speed and use of your system, such as server age and SQL version. It may be that you are on an unsupported version of Microsoft which in turn reduces our ability to solve problems that may arise.

New Features

Such as:

  • EXO on the Go – The dedicated iPad interface.
  • Geolocations – Visual representation of your data based on your customers’ physical location.
  • Business Alerts – Automated notifications based on a particular action, such as saving an invoice. This feature allows notification to a specified user when a certain action is performed, for example, an accounts person can be notified when a debtor invoice is saved.
  • Enhanced Help Facility

Business Process Review

An upgrade can be a perfect time to review exactly why you do some of the things you do. Even with clients that are in almost daily contact it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and ensure you are operating as efficiently as possible. Through the testing portion of an upgrade you get the chance to really look at aspects of your processes and whether or not we can assist with streamlining those.

If you have any queries around this information, please get in touch with your consultant to arrange an onsite visit to show you first hand some of these exciting new features.

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