Microsoft Outlook Vulnerability

Microsoft have confirmed that a critical Outlook vulnerability, rated at 9.8 out of a maximum 10, is known to have already been exploited in the wild. What’s worse is that the exploit is triggered upon receipt of a malicious email and is executed before that email is read in the preview pane. No user interaction is required!

It is strongly advised you update your version of Outlook as soon as possible. Normally Outlook will be updated when windows runs its usual updates but this patch has just been released and your office product may not have been updated yet. To update your Outlook now please follow the below instructions:

  1. In Outlook click “File”
  2. Then “Office Account”
  3. Then Click “Update Options” and “Update Now”
  4. To check you are definitely up to date click “Update Now” again and you should receive this message:

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