New Zealand Post has issued an alert regarding a payment scam on Facebook Marketplace.

New Zealand Post warns that it doesn’t handle Facebook Marketplace payments and alerts customers to a new scam. In this scheme, scammers target bank account passwords instead of purchasing second-hand items. According to an article published by NewsHub, Aimee O’Malley encountered a potential buyer named Erica on Facebook Marketplace, who claimed to be from Kerikeri and offered to cover postage through NZ Post. Erica then sent a seemingly legitimate link with the NZ Post logo, appearing to confirm payment.

Similar scams on Facebook Marketplace have been reported, leading users to click on their bank for payment transfer. However, this leads to a fake bank login page, where users unwittingly enter personal details.

Netsafe’s Sean Lyons explains that scammers aim to steal these details to access bank accounts. While this ‘NZ Post’ scam is new, Netsafe has seen similar versions involving ‘PayPal’ or ‘eBay’ payments.

The scammers proceed to make consistent withdrawals from the seller’s bank account, typically in small, periodic amounts—weekly or monthly—in the hope that these transactions go unnoticed, as Sean Lyons explained.

New Zealand Post emphasizes that it does not facilitate payment transactions for third parties on any e-commerce platforms. They have advised Marketplace users who received such links to report the associated Facebook account.

Aimee O’Malley, fortunate in her caution, contacted NZ Post before proceeding with the purported sale. She wisely advises, “Exercise caution!”

This serves as a reminder that it’s not just buyers who should be vigilant but sellers as well.

Source: New Zealand Post issues warning as payment scam circulates Facebook Marketplace | Newshub

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