Setting up Focus Cloud on an iPhone or iPad

Select the Settings menu on your home screen.

Choose ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Select ‘Add Account

Select ‘Microsoft Exchange

Enter your username and your password as provided by Focus Cloud. Your username is typically your full email address. The description field is a unique name that helps to identify what the email account is.

If you need help with your password please contact

Press ‘Next’ when complete.

The entered details will be verified against the Focus Cloud email server.

If everything is correct ticks will appear beside each entry as shown below.

Finally, select what information to synchronise to the phone. By default email, calendars and reminders are automatically selected. When finished, select ‘Save

The Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen will then appear with your Focus Cloud email listed.

To access your email, click the ‘Home’ button on your iPhone/iPad to return to the home screen.

To access your email, press the  icon. Your Focus Cloud email will start to download automatically.


How do I change how much email is available on my iPhone/iPad?

By default, a week of email is available on your iPhone/iPad after connecting to Focus Cloud. To change this, go to the Settings menu on the home screen and select ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ and select the Focus Cloud email account.

Select ‘Mail Days to Sync’ and change the value as required. When the Mail app is next accessed email will be downloading according to the sync setting.

My iPhone/iPad is stuck on verifying and then asks me to enter in server, username and password information. What do I do?

This screen appears when the username or password is not entered correctly. Double check that you have entered in your username and password correctly. Please contact or your Focus Technology Group engineer if you are unsure of your Focus Cloud username and password.If this screen does appear, your username is your Focus Cloud email address and the server address is – there is no need to enter a domain name. Select ‘Next’ when done.

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